Custom Synthesis

Custom Synthesis
Custom Synthesis is an option when you need some kind of connection. OmniCompound company provides services for
custom synthesis provides services for our customers for the synthesis of small-scale or mass production of high-quality chemical products.
What can we do?
  • Research of information, literature, development of a synthetic route
  • Organic synthesis of any complexity, complex multi-stage synthesis.
  • Synthesis of drug-like compounds
  • Special services for chemical production and much more.
We are ready to offer you our analytical services on compliance with regulatory requirements, the composition of chemical substances, industrial processes and can help ensure quality in industrial conditions.
You can always contact our specialist on custom synthesis issues and clarify all the information you are interested in, preferably providing us with the most necessary information about the chemical compound and your suggestions. Our specialist, having studied the information provided by you, will contact you as soon as possible.
You can write to us at any time and ask questions:

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